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SIBOR is generally more stable while SWAP tend to fluctuate more. However 3-month SWAP has recently stayed consistently lower than 3-month SIBOR for an extended period of time. SOR is also very reactive to currency exchange rates.



Mortgage deferment refers to the delay of required debt payments as agreed by both borrower and lender. In other words, the requirement of the debt obligation …


To recast a loan basically means to reset the amortization schedule so as to calculate a new recurring payment amount that is fully amortizing and achieves …

Interest Offset

An interest offset refers to a reduction in interest rates due to interest credits awarded to a borrower for one reason or another. While such arrangements can …


Improvement is a legal term that describes property that has been built on land. A piece of land with any dwellings are technically raw land. But once a …

Politically Exposed Person (PEP)

A politically exposed person (PEP) is a term used in the financial world to describe customers who are either directly involved in politics or linked to people …

Source of Funds

The source of funds refers to the origins of money being deposited into a bank. The purpose of this query is a basic KYC check to assess whether the funds …

Lombard Loan

Lombard loans are basically loans that are secured by deposits. This means that a lender essentially grants a loan or a credit facility of some sort to a …

Singapore Overnight Rate Average (SORA)

The Singapore Overnight Rate Average (SORA) is an index rate conceptualized to replace the swap offer rate as calculation of the latter is dependent on LIBOR. …

Break Costs

Break costs is a contract term that essentially refers to opportunity costs incurred by a lender for the funds loaned to borrowers due to a disruption in the …

Prompt Performance

Prompt performance is a contract term that essentially refers to the performance of specific actions and obligations by specified dates or time frames. The key …

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We Gather And Provide You Information On The Best Housing Loans In Singapore So That You Can Make A Better Decision Based On What Is Available In The Market

Which bank do you recommend for home loans in Singapore?

We don't recommend banks. We recommend you the best home loan that suits your profile and financial position.

How Does SOR Rates Hit Negative Value?

SOR rates are calculated with a complex financial formula, solved with simple algebra. The results of solving the equation therefore depends on the inputs used. Varying inputs that result from economic impacts and indicators can lead to negative value when the formula is solved. Key input indicators include USD/SGD spot rates and USD/SGD forward rates.

HDB loan or bank housing loan?

Our opinion is to always take a HDB concessionary loan if you are eligible for one. One of HDB's objectives is to to provide affordable housing for the people. While a bank is profit driven.

Which bank offers the best home loan deals?

Interest rates and spreads are not all that matter. Don't ignore the closing costs involved. Different banks can have different customized home loans for you. Don't be surprised if you will save more on a home loan that charges more interest because of the lesser closing costs involved. This is especially so if you know that you will refinance your home loan as soon as the lock in period has expired.

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