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You may not have had a lot of experience obtaining housing loans and uncertain of what terms are available and flexible. Imagine buying a car at what you thought was a good price, and a day later found out that a colleague bought the same car at the a lower price with a lot of freebies. We truly put your interest first when it comes to your best housing loan.

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If you are going about sourcing your housing loan by yourself instead of engaging our free service, these are 3 key tips that might help you

Never go to just 1 bank to inquire about mortgage rates. Even if it is your preferred bank which you have used all your life, you will not necessarily get priority or the best rates in the market.
Trust yourself and your partner. There are a lot of people around you that will claim to be an expert on housing loans. These may be people you know or someone introduced to you. Do not agree to an expensive loan out of courtesy. Doing so can costs you thousands of dollars over the years.
Use a proper home loan calculator to calculate your repayments and interest charges. There are so many loan calculators that can be found online over the internet. 99.9% of them are irrelevant in the Singapore context. Some of them even generates misleading data.

What Are Your Options When You Have No Standard Income Documents

If you are scrambling for alternative documentation to prove your income to a home loan lender, then it’s most like that you either have your income documentation rejected or have no standard income documentation that a bank requires for underwriting....

What Is Refinancing And When Would It Be Worth It?

To refinance a housing loan is simply to replace an existing mortgage with another one from another bank. This essentially means that the funds from the new loan would be used to fully pay off the current one. The borrower would then be making monthly payments to the...

Latest SIBOR And SOR History Trends Chart

SIBOR and SOR are index rates where Singapore banks lend to one another. It is basically the interest a bank has to pay for a loan from another bank. This index is used commonly as a base for home loans in Singapore. It will therefore be common to see home loans with...

TDSR – What You Should Know About Calculating Debt Ratio

Most people understand the basic methods to calculate how much they can borrow. It is basically a percentage of monthly income minus the monthly debt commitments of the borrower. The remaining amount will then determine how much an instalment the borrower will be able...

Refinance Home Loan To Slash Your Existing Mortgage Rates

If you are currently paying 3% or more on your housing loan, it does not take a genius to realize that it is time to refinance now. This is especially so when there are home loan deals in the market at 1% fixed rate. Home loan interest rates are at their lowest point...

Shopping For A Housing Loan

How to shop for a housing loan in Singapore A lot of banks (if not all) in Singapore provide housing loans. It is normal if you find it confusing. You can actually find it really easy to compare mortgages if you understand the basic facts about them. Ask yourself the...

More About Housing Loans

Housing loans are loans you take up to purchase your house. The home loan is secured against the house that you are buying. In financial jargon, housing loans can be referred to as mortgages. Your house, condominium, HDB flat, landed property, etc, is the collateral...

Loan To Value Singapore Limit And Ratio – LTV Mortgage Explained

Effective 6 July 2018 1) For first housing loan, loan to value capped at 75% or 55% for home loans from the bank if more than 30 years or extends past the age of 65. 2) For second housing loan, LTV capped at 45% or 25% if loan tenure is more than 30 years or extends...

Renovation Loan

A renovation is simply a term loan offered by a lender to provide financing for homeowners to undertake remodeling projects on their homes. In this respect, it is not that much different from personal loans and credit card draw downs. But the issue is that personal...

Mortgage Insurance

At it’s most basic, mortgage insurance simply refers to an insurance policy which would fully repay the outstanding balance of a home loan should the borrower dies or becomes incapable of generating an income. Also known as mortgage term reducing assurance...

Annual Value (AV)

The annual value of a property is an estimation of how much rental income it can fetch on the open real estate market should it be rented out, excluding furniture, furnishings and maintenance fees, with the final figure used as a basis to calculate property tax by...

Quick Home Decor Tips Before Renting Out Your Investment Property

Text Budget decorating ideas are among the most creative and important elements to being a good property investor and landlord. It’s easy to decorate a place with limitless funds, however, keeping a low budget while enhancing the perceived value of your property...

Closing Costs On Property Transactions

Costs incurred at closing Stamp duties. For new purchases, and based on the purchase price 1st $180k – 1% Next $180k – 2% Thereafter – 3% Legal fees. Generally between $1500 to $5000. Factors that affect the fees include the type of property, choice...

Property Cooling Measures

Effective 6 July 2018 1) ABSD for citizens buying first residential property at 0% 2) ABSD for citizens buying second residential property at 12% 3) ABSD for citizens buying third and subsequent residential property at 15% 4) ABSD for permanent residents buying first...

Negative Equity

A status of negative equity on a home loan arises when the mortgage balance is more than the value of the property. This can be a frightening realization to experience which basically implies that all that money made towards mortgage payments over the years have...

Nominal Interest Rate

The nominal interest rate is the most basic method of calculating interest charges that most people implicitly understand. For example a $100,000 loan at a nominal interest rate of 5% would mean a $5,000 interest charge. The irony is that loan products offered by...

Par Rate

A mortgage par rate is the interest rate tagged to a home loan in which any addition or subtraction is not applied, which is why it is also often referred to as the breakeven rate. This essentially means that a lender who offers a home loan on a par rate to a borrower...

Loan Repayment Account

A loan repayment account refers to an account that has be specially opened by a lender which a borrower has to make monthly payments to, and in turn the funds would be deducted by the bank. In terms of deposits, a borrower would be able to deposit money into a loan...

Payment Rate

The payment rate refers to the actual interest rate which is used to calculate an actual mortgage payment. There has to be a distinction made with payment rate as the interest rate of a home loan is often mentioned as index rate plus spread which equals to fully...

Payment Shock

Payment shock refers to the sudden large increase in mortgage payment that is so drastic that borrowers kpkb. Because the majority of home loans in Singapore are paid via CPF and GIRO through personal bank accounts, changes in interest rates result in changes in...

Deviated Rates

Deviated rates refer to interest rates on loan products such as mortgages that are lower than what are publicly published and advertised to general consumers. This means that If a bank is offering 3% on home loans, which are seen on marketing banners and brochures, a...

Short Sale

A short sale is a compromised agreement between a lender and borrower whereby the former agree to accept the sales proceeds of a property which is lower than the outstanding balance of the debt as settlement of a home loan. This effectively means that the bank would...

Asset Based Lending

Asset based lending (ABL) is a type of lending program offered by most mainstream lenders where a loan, such as a mortgage, can be approved simply by documented proof of borrower assets. This means that if a borrower is able to provide verified proof of a certain...

Interest Due

Interest due refers to the amount of interest (in dollars and cents) which a borrower is scheduled to pay on the loan in a specified period of time within the tenure of the loan. It is calculated by taking the loan balance at the reference point in time, multiply it...

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Answers to Your Questions

What we do for you?

We Gather And Provide You Information On The Best Housing Loans In Singapore So That You Can Make A Better Decision Based On What Is Available In The Market

What bank do you recommend?

We don’t recommend banks. We recommend you the best home loan that suits your profile and financial position.

Which bank offers the best home loan deals?

Interest rates and spreads are not all that matter. Don’t ignore the closing costs involved. Different banks can have different customized home loans for you. Don’t be surprised if you will save more on a home loan that charges more interest because of the lesser closing costs involved. This is especially so if you know that you will refinance your home loan as soon as the lock in period has expired.

HDB loan or bank housing loan?

Our opinion is to always take a HDB concessionary loan if you are eligible for one. One of HDB’s objectives is to to provide affordable housing for the people. While a bank is profit driven.

How does SOR hit negative value?

SOR rates are calculated with a complex financial formula, solved with simple algebra. The results of solving the equation therefore depends on the inputs used. Varying inputs that result from economic impacts and indicators can lead to negative value when the formula is solved. Key input indicators include USD/SGD spot rates and USD/SGD forward rates.

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